The New Website

LogoColorTextBelow-SMC-transaprentHello and welcome!

Salts Muds Clays is a new website which will eventually replace (formerly The thing is, the ‘old’ website has become technically dated, and changing it would take more time and effort than building a new one.

There are other reasons too. First, the new website will make it easier for us to update our subscribers with special offers and new product information.

Second, it will be easier for new visitors to subscribe to news and updates, ask questions and find necessary information, including technical details for the products.

It will also be easier for us to update the website with new information, either in the form of new blog posts, pdf reports or by creating new pages.

Since we have only just started, it will take some time to fill the pages with information, so please bear with us! We promise it will be worth it. In the meantime, ask questions and refer to our sites,, and

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