Calcium Bentonite Clay

Calcium Bentonite Clay


Product Description


Calcium bentonite  clay, which is also known as Fullers Earth, is widely used in various industries, as well as beauty and natural health care.

Bentonex CB is a natural, non-activated calcium bentonite, milled and air classified to give a consistent fine powder, with <150 micron particle size. It is high quality fine powder comprised mostly of montmorillonite (88%) and has CEC (cation exchange capacity) of 76 MEQ/100g.

Calcium bentonite has calcium as a freely exchangeable cation (as opposed to sodium in sodium bentonite). Its pH is lower than that of sodium bentonite, so is more easily mixed with water.

Industrial applications include pelletising applications, fertiliser production, seed coatings and effluent treatment.


Typical Chemical Analysis


SiO2              60.7%                              CaO              2.85%

Al2O3             18.31%                            Na2O             1.56%

Fe2O3            3.95%                              TiO2              0.49%

MgO             3.32%                              Mn3O4           0.08%

K2O              3.14%                              LOI               6.05%


Typical Mineralogy


Montmorillonite         88%

Mica                               5%

Feldspars                      5%

Quartz                           2%


Other Typical Properties


Bulk Density            800 – 900 Kg/m3

Swelling Volume     11 ml/2g

Moisture                  Maximum 14% by weight

CEC                          76 meq/100g


Typical Heavy Metals Content


Pb                15.4ppm

As                2.6ppm

Hg                <0.01ppm

LOI               6.05%


Sieve Analysis


Maximum 5% retained on a 150µm sieve

15%-25% retained on a 75µm sieve


Bentonites we stock


Several different types of bentonite are stocked and all can be supplied in 25Kg sacks; most are also available in 1 tonne IBCs.  Bentonite powders can also be supplied in bulk (tanker deliveries).


  • Bentonex CB (calcium bentonite powder, also known as Fullers Earth) is used in pelletising applications, fertilisers, seed coatings and effluent treatment.
  • Bentonex SB (sodium bentonite powder) is ideal for the production of slurries and grouts for civil engineering and geotechnical applications.  It is popular for the lining of lakes and ponds and is also used in effluent treatment.
  • Bentonex SB Granular (sodium bentonite granules) offers slow hydration, allowing use in deep water applications.  It is ideal for a range of civil engineering and geotechnical applications such as filling cable trenches and the plugging of boreholes and landfill gas wells.  This product is also used to improve electrical conduction around earthing rods.
  • Bentonex CES Pellets (sodium bentonite pellets) provide delayed swelling for the sealing of bore holes and other deep water applications.
  • Bentonex WS (natural sodium bentonite powder) is used in specialist applications.
  • Bentonex White is a high brightness bentonite used in the manufacture of ceramics and other applications.


Other bentonites are also available, including Wyoming Bentonite and Pharmaceutical Grade Bentonite.  Please fill in the enquiry form for more details. For retail, please go to this website.