Cosmetic Clays


The French clays we sell on a wholesale basis include:


  • Green illite clay
  • Green montmorillonite clay
  • Yellow illite clay
  • Red illite clay
  • Pink clay
  • Blue clay
  • Purple clay
  • Rassal clay
  • White kaolin clay
  • Black clay.


We can also offer Moroccan Rhassoul (Ghassloul) clay and a number of clay-based products, such as soaps, shampoos, lotions and more. The clays are sold on a wholesale basis, with a minimum order of 100kg (the types of the clays in the order can vary). All the clays are packaged in 25kg multilayer paper bags and are shipped from France.


All the clays are 100% natural, sun-dried, superfine (unless stated otherwise), unwashed, not ionised, not tested on animals and contain no parabens, petroleum or GMO products.


We also sell ready-made clay masks (in tubes), shampoos (in 200g pump-based plastic bottles and 5 litre cans) and clay soaps.


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