Granular Sea Salt


Epsom saltGranular Sea Salt consists mostly of sodium chloride (99.5%), with traces of calcium, magnesium and other minerals. The product is obtained through the process of purification of Dead Sea water.

It is used in the food and cosmetics manufacture, as well as other industries. It can be used in baths to increase circulation, stimulate metabolism and raise energy levels, but caution should be taken by people with blood pressure problems.


Specification (based on the dry product data)


Sodium Chloride NaCl*        99.5% Min (99.8% typical)
Calcium Ca2+        0.08% Max (0.05% typical)
Magnesium Mg2+        0.05% Max (0.02% typical)
Insolubles        0.03% Max (0.03% typical)
Sulphate SO42-        0.25% Max (0.12% typical)
Moisture        0.15% Max (0.1% typical)
Granulometry        Min 75% between 2.0 to 5.0 mm
Granular Sea Salt is available in 25Kg sacks.
This product is purified from the waters of the Dead Sea.


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