Pharmaceutical Grade Attapulgite


AttapulgiteAttapulgite is a magnesium aluminium phyllosilicate with formula (Mg,Al)2Si4O10(OH) 4(H2O) with  very high surface area and porosity.




“Colloidal applications, Foundry Coatings , Adhesives, sealants and putting, Oil well drilling mud, Thickening and gelling liquids, binding, filling, sorptive uses ecolorization, paper reclaiming, conditioning, pesticides carriers, filter aid, pharmaceutical uses, cleansing products, catalytic applications and other uses.


Attapulgite is primarily used for pet litter, oil well drilling applications, as also for liquid fertilizers and floor absorbents. Currently, Ashapura is involved in the production of Attapulgite granules for use in domestic and industrial absorbents.” Source


It is used as a sorbent and in poultices for masonry restoration. It is available as a finely milled, free flowing, cream-coloured powder. This product is packaged in 17.5Kg sacks.


Technical Background


Attapulgite is a natural magnesium aluminium phyllosilicate clay mineral.  Highly porous with a low bulk density, attapulgite is an effective absorbent.


Typical Mineralogy


Attapulgite        85%
Other Clays        15%


Typical Physical Properties


Bulk Density        1050-1150 Kg/m3
Grain Shape        Globular


Typical Sieve Analysis


32.3% retained on a 45µm sieve (Maximum 40%)
0.5% retained on a 250µm sieve (Maximum 0.8%)


An approximate empirical formula for attapulgite is:


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